Tuesday, April 27, 2010

Happy Birthday Micah!

Yesterday was Micah’s 28th Birthday! He had the day off (as a result of being on call the day before) so we got to hang out. WE MADE SUCH DELICIOUS FOOD!!! IMG_6893


Birthday Kool-Aid!

It wasn’t really a sad Birthday.


The presents weren’t so bad either. New clothes, Otoscope, books, and a Clearplay player!! IMG_6884



And yum yum yummy lime-cheesecake.



I love Micah! Who doesn’t really?

Friday, April 23, 2010

Springs in my shoes.

Hello all, hope you are doing well. Nothing too new here, just celebration after celebration – Pizza Friday today (a tradition I have held onto since my mission…doesn’t actually require pizza, even though it’s nice, we just have something to look forward to at the end of the week), our 11 month wedding anniversary (another excuse to party/eat good food) Micah’s amazing grades in school (he won’t let me elaborate on that one), upcoming Micah’s Birthday (he probably won’t let me elaborate on that one either, but I am claiming certain rights), and of course, Spring is in full swing! Always a reason to celebrate!

2010-04-22 19.13.46 Tulips everywhere!

2010-04-22 19.02.26

Cherry blossoms!

2010-04-21 22.23.52 Floral fabrics are in style!

2010-04-22 15.10.46

Playin at the park.

2010-04-22 15.10.51

And even though it’s a little warmer, that doesn’t mean making delicious heart-warming soup is out of the question! Especially if it is Borshch!!

2010-04-18 18.45.48

Yay for mission reunions in Chicago!

2010-04-18 18.46.00

I’m pretty sure the museum of Science and Industry is better than Disneyland. The new “Science Storms” exhibit is so amazing. Always something new to see.

2010-04-22 13.57.14

A demonstration of combustion. The green lasers are reflecting off of particles of water.

2010-04-22 14.09.05

Floating balls!! Like magic, but it’s SCIENCE!!

2010-04-22 14.09.56

2010-04-14 17.48.10

And teepees in Cub Scouts!

Friday, April 16, 2010

The saga continues…

Made this dress today.

2010-04-16 13.55.24

So while Micah learns to sew people up in the name of surgery, I am learning how to sew fabric up in the name of vanity. Go ahead and say that his work is more an aid to humanity, but just remember,  my work is furthering the cause of cuteness.

Oh, and I made this at a recent Cub Scouts activity:

2010-04-16 16.05.16


Wednesday, April 14, 2010

Real Simple times.

This past Friday I attended the 10th anniversary celebration of Real Simple magazine. They came to Chicago and New York.

Chicago Union Station

2010-04-09 13.27.27

My friend Barbie was kind enough to go with me. We got a lot of free stuff. I LOVE FREE STUFF. Makeup, manicures, coupons, ice-cream, bags, copies of the magazine, etc. We made many new friends in the process of getting said free stuff, hehe. I hesitate to call it an estrogen-fest, but it kind of was.  Good times!!!

Me and Barbie!

2010-04-09 13.27.35

2010-04-09 14.29.14

2010-04-09 15.24.46

Table setting demonstration.

Monday, April 5, 2010

March March March!

I can NOT believe it is already April. March was amazing. We just had spring break and now Micah is back to the call of duty in his surgery rotation. Fun times.

Before spring break we had a visit from Micah’s sister! We went downtown and all around and back again.

At the beany bean


My favorite painting at the Art Institute.

2010-03-22 12.50.20

I want this teaset.

2010-03-22 13.00.50 

All of these things sold at the museum shop. I want them all.

2010-03-22 14.25.04

2010-03-22 14.25.18

The Museum of Science and Industry! My favorite place!! They have a new “Science Storms” exhibit which is awesome. They had a giant simulated tornado and a Tesla Coil!!! See below!!


IMG_6809 Clowns!

We also got to be pretend doctors at this live exhibit where you can work with a patient dummy “Stan”. As you can imagine, this is a hoot when you are doing it with an actual Medical student.

And I always love watching the baby chicks.

We still had the museum pass after Kristen left, so, WE WENT AGAIN!


2010-03-26 16.59.35

Hall of Mirrors

2010-03-26 16.34.37

Heat sensitive video capture device! See the smiley face on my hand? I licked it so cool it down and it appeared on the screen! Neat!

2010-03-26 16.46.21

Cold moisture waterfall

2010-03-26 16.52.16

2010-03-26 16.52.44

Cubs Stadium


Castle! In the middle of the city!



We were sooo excited for a whole week off of school. So here is a list of a few of the exciting things we did during spring break:

1. A science project: our first attempt at making Ferrofluid.


2. Visited Navoo, Illinois

2010-04-01 13.32.33







3. Went to the Ukrainian Village District to find my favorite Ukrainian candy

2010-04-03 12.24.12

4. Ate spaghetti

2010-04-02 20.32.59

5. Took cool pictures downtown



5. Did several weeks worth of laundry

6. Got haircuts

7. Put a new muffler on the car and fixed the brakes

8. Made Ukrainian Pysanky for Easter

colors are most vibrant in this first pic…with the rest I was just lucky to get them in focus…











9. Made some Paska for Easter. Yes, obviously I am not over the whole Ukraine thing…

2010-04-05 08.32.19

phew. That’s a lotta pics.