Thursday, July 5, 2012

Micah, thou canst have an award for being awesome?

Medical School/Residency programs like to give out lots of awards to students. I think it either encourages them, or gives them a chance to look like giant snot-heads.
Luckily, I *think* it does the former for Micah.
This year he received the Junior Resident Award for Clinical Excellence and Compassion in Inpatient Psychiatry. (That’s a mouthful…)
This is what his supervisors said about him:
“Micah is an outstanding resident in all regards; he is exceptionally warm, kind, and happy with patients and fantastic with medical students. He has a fountain of knowledge about his level of training and a remarkable ability to apply this to clinical work. He’s bright, enthusiastic, hard-working, dedicated to his patients, and always does his work with a very positive and cheerful attitude.”IMG_0551
Pippa had to sit through the very long awards dinner. She did mostly ok.
Micah has also been patiently waiting to buy a telescope and has been searching craigslist for one. Well, when I saw it in the trunk of the car I was pretty astounded. This is a serious telescope. IMG_0646
Ironic, perhaps that we purchased this while living in Seattle? Perhaps. But, last night was clear enough to get an AWESOME (and I mean awesome in an awe-provoking way) view of the full moon AND Saturn! NEAT!
Oh and Pippa is one now. And CUTER THAN YOU WILL EVER BE!!
Here’s the Hat Grandma got from Peru: