Saturday, August 20, 2016

New post, new post!!

Not even going to bother with the apologies; I know I haven't blogged forever. Most of you know by now that we moved to Utah. Micah is Utah Valley hospital's Psych medical director. I graduated from BYU with a BA in visual arts. Pippa graduated preschool, and is starting kindergarten. We are still settling into our new house. The biggest, latest project was the unfinished attic. Thanks to an awesome contractor and some newly found interior design skills, I made my dream rec room/home office a reality. I took some editorial photos of the space to try my hand at interior photography. It is fun, but I have much to learn. Here is what the room looked liked before:

The finishing process started in March. My goal was to create a room that continued the design of the rest of the house, and still reflected our personal style.

Click on the pictures to see the larger image size.

 A ceramics project from school.

 Micah built those speakers and they sound great.

Thanks for viewing! We are loving this finished space. Mostly I have been enjoying the room to play Just Dance and watch movies with friends. Come visit!