Friday, December 31, 2010

What Santa brought.

Let me just preface this post a little bit by saying that we are video game nerds. Well, I guess I should just speak for myself. I love video games. Not necessarily the shooting games, but the ones with cute characters and music. Now that I have spoken for myself, I will let this picture speak for itself:


Suffice it to say, I think Micah has been playing video games his whole life. Our poor parents were left to wonder what would become of us.

Well Santa never worries about wasted time with toys and rotted candy teeth!! He got us just what we’ve always wanted!


Hurrah! Hurrah!. More Christmas posts to come.


Ok so this post may just be a scramble mamble pamble of ramble. But I have pictures and thoughts and sometimes that’s all I can do. I think I’ll start with some pictures of our crazy New York trip.


Rockefeller Center Christmas tree!


Lost in the crowd in Chinatown.


Metropolitan Museum of Art.


Statue of liberty.


View from the ferry.


A 9/11 memorial on Staten Island. I was too cold to see anything else there. Not that there is that much more to see there…


Tourist photo in Times Square!!!


Going to New York was probably the craziest thing I’ve ever done. Especially since I am pregnant and libel to throw up anywhere. But I made it alive.  And it was worth it for the pizza.

Now we are chillaxin in Seattle for Christmas and New Years. It feels good to be amongst the trees.


Pike Place Market!



We rode the Carousel.




Micah and the Dilettante chocolates.


I will post more (about Christmas, etc)  as soon as I can get my cell phone pictures uploaded. Happy New Year everyone!

Friday, December 10, 2010


So I am intimidated to write something without posting pictures (even though I have some to post around here somewhere) but here I am posting. Late at night in a hotel room. I managed to get free internet because we found a cockroach in our bathroon (FOUR STAR HOTEL MY FOOT!) and I complained about it. Boo. Yeah.

So basically Micah and I have been gallivanting about the country for interviews. Interviews as in residency. Blah blah doctor stuff blah blah Med school blah blah.

Traveling is fun. It can be wearisome at times. So far we have been to Washington, Oregon, LA (Micah only) New York, San Diego, and now San Francisco. The plane rides have been aplenty. We have eaten out far too much. I think Micah is growing tired of the interviewing process. He is literally zonked out, exhausted, in bed beside me.

But we will press on. There is still Sacramento and Washington (even though we already went to Washington, we visited family and Micah drove to Portland from there). And then finally back to Chicago. I miss that ole town. It has become another home to me.

Where is home anyways? It is hard to determine where we will spend the next 4 years. I feel stretched out, having lived in several states in the US and even abroad. I am slow making new friends. I am also slow at waking up in the morning. That is irrelevant, for irrelevancy’s sake.

I realize I have a lot to complain about living the life of a doctor spouse, if I tried really hard. But I can’t being myself to do it. I don’t know why. Life is hard. Yeah, sure. But it’s so awesome. We freaking went to New York. We totally messed with a guy in China town to get 2 hats for 12 bucks. We got to see the Statue of Libery and the Golden Gate Bridge. I saw West Side Story on Broadway.

There is still much to write, but this will have to do. I will fill you in on all the fun details. Including my own bit of work as a model in San Diego. Oh, the intrigue.

Thanks for tuning in. I’ll shut up now.