Friday, December 31, 2010

What Santa brought.

Let me just preface this post a little bit by saying that we are video game nerds. Well, I guess I should just speak for myself. I love video games. Not necessarily the shooting games, but the ones with cute characters and music. Now that I have spoken for myself, I will let this picture speak for itself:


Suffice it to say, I think Micah has been playing video games his whole life. Our poor parents were left to wonder what would become of us.

Well Santa never worries about wasted time with toys and rotted candy teeth!! He got us just what we’ve always wanted!


Hurrah! Hurrah!. More Christmas posts to come.

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Krischelle and Jacob said...

oh my... i had NO idea you guys were VG nerds! Jacob and I are Video Game nerds as well... i've been one my whole life;) and i converted Jacob when we got married! Okay so Wii time the next time we see each other!!! (we have a wii too!)