Tuesday, January 11, 2011

A church program serves many purposes

I would not be surprised if many of you have used one at some point or another to make an airplane or two, or used it as a way to write a secret note to your sibling while you thought nobody was looking. Micah and I use it for things way beyond that. When I was younger I would make origami figures or draw elaborate things on any piece of program left blank. I still do occasionally. Micah likes to do math problems. This is his idea of fun.

A few months ago, Micah decided to write this:


At that point, we had no idea of ANY “baby that’s coming soon” whatsoever. Obviously, many of the names we are not serious about in the slightest. This is also, apparently, Micah’s idea of fun. I laughed at several of the names. You are free to try and guess which ones we would actually consider, and which were totally facetious.*

*No, we’re not asking for help choosing baby names.

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