Friday, January 28, 2011

The end of (some kind of) an era.

Last Sunday as Micah was picking up one of the young men from our ward to go to church, our old friend, a 1989 Honda Accord, finally decided to give us more problems than we were willing to pay for. Basically the brakes went out. Thankfully, not in the middle of a freeway or busy road. You’ll have to ask Micah as to how exactly he managed to get the car back to our house…it’s all rather difficult to describe. Nevertheless, we had to walk to church from there and had to decide to quit trying to save this car and just get a new one.

We have fond memories of this old car. I’m actually laughing right now as I am writing this, because almost all events surrounding this car are slightly ridiculous and pretty comical. For all the years that we have had it, there have remained certain old possessions in the glove compartment that belonged to his great-grandpa (from whom Micah inherited it) – old sunglasses, matches, pictures of grandchildren, some, uh, feminine hygiene (???) among other things. We never felt the need to dispose of these things, because the glove compartment wouldn’t even stay shut on it’s own; we had to wedge a piece of paper to keep it from flying open at every turn.

I’m just glad Micah got rid of the stuffed body he made for Halloween last year. The plastic skull remains in the trunk, however.

When I met Micah in Provo, this car had already been giving him issues. I remember, before we even started dating, having to help him push the car to start because the battery was dead. This would usually happen in the dead of winter, but sometimes in spring, and continued to be this way even after we moved to Chicago. It was all just part of having the car, as it seemed. Then we finally got a new car battery.

For a good long time last year, I was able to easily tell when Micah was driving home from the hospital because we had no muffler. The car was so loud that people would look at us on the street. Now after getting it replaced, I feel oddly inconspicuous.

As bad of a car it was, I felt so attached to it, especially after coming home from my mission and knowing it was still there, and still a part of Micah. When I came to visit him to see him after 18 months of being apart, there was the blue Honda Accord to pick me up at the airport. It was wonderful to see it again.

Now we have no idea what we are going to do with this car if we manage to get a good deal on a new one, but it served its purpose well. I won’t lie and say I don’t get attached to certain things that contain sentimental value. But I know the value won’t be lost if we sell it/give it/throw it/ away. I can part with things, as long as my memory serves me well. 

Pictures to come soon.

(P.S. Okay okay, the feminine hygiene was Micah’s, because he likes to be prepared. Also, he is a weirdo.)


Erin said...

We finally had to get rid of my old Honda, I felt so attached to it as well, since it was my first car and it had gone with me to Utah, and just so many memories. I had gifted it to my boyfriend since he had spent so much money to get it repaired, but just a few months ago we had to sell it. It was actually really sad. so many memories.

Lily said...

We had to get rid of Abe's car two weeks ago because of a little run-in with rush hour traffic. It IS hard to say goodbye--especially with memories involved. Congrats on your new car, though! It looks like a beautiful new part of the family. =)