Tuesday, June 28, 2011


Here are a few photos. More to come.

Mom and baby are doing well!

Monday, June 27, 2011

A little update.


Turns out I have a pretty stubborn kid already. Ha. Life. But I am accepting of all types.

My midwife in Chicago was pretty confident that she was properly sitting head down. So we believed her. Even though I felt something hard and skull-like in my ribs.

When I came to Seattle the midwife here was not so sure. So she took a little look on the sonogram machine. And lo and behold! She was totally totally breech. The midwife was sad. Because that probably meant that they would have to do a c-section. And Midwives are allergic to c-sections.

We tried a lovely procedure called external version, where the doctor tried to manipulate the baby to turn the right way. It hurt a lot. And it didn’t work. She really likes where she is.


Tomorrow I am scheduled to have a c-section. I’m ok with it, as long as I don’t think about it too much. So I’ve been distracting myself with random videos on youtube, origami, etc.

Good thing we got a carseat.


Pictures will be posted, probably here, and not on facebook (don’t want to start all that nonsense right away, eh?)

Thanks all for your support and prayers. I miss having friends around, but we are confident that this is where we are supposed to be. We are so blessed.

Tuesday, June 21, 2011

Extreme Nesting


One of the photos from our last shoot done in Chicago.

“Nesting” is rather a funny word. It seems more like something only birds should do, not humans. Yet mothers are explained to have this common “drive” to clean, rearrange, and organize their homes before a new baby comes. That is great and all, but what happens when you move across the country within that space of time?

I call it extreme nesting.

Mind you, I have not broken my back (yet) moving boxes and heavy items, but I am (along with Micah) basically making the ENTIRE “nest” top to bottom as quickly as possible. So far, we have made some good progress, after living at ikea for a few days, then coming home and madly building furniture/putting stuff away. Micah worked hard to make sure there was ample lighting in the front room so I would not get some form of depression. Haha, *slap* I should not be joking about that. (It’s just that Micah’s going to be a psychiatrist and all, and, oh never mind..)

Why the rush? Well, besides having a baby at any time now, Micah will be starting “work” or “residency” (or whatever you call it) this week. He will of course get some time for paternity leave when baby comes, but we obviously don’t know how that’s all going to go down.


But I’m still alive and I feel fine. Just thought I’d let you know.

P.S. Seattle is hilarious. Everyone feels bad that I am from Orange County. They try to make me feel better by saying “oh there was that one day just this week where it got up to 70 degrees!” I get it people. I’ll never see the sun. I’ve gotten over it. Sort of.

P.P.S. Micah is a Doctor now. Be very afraid.



Thanks to Lindsay Salazar for the lovely pictures.

Wednesday, June 1, 2011

Don’t read this if you want to be happy right now.

I just spent the last few minutes looking at, loathing, despising, and almost throwing up over my ridiculously horrid swollen feet.

In other news, one of our fishies jumped out of the tank and killed himself. This was while we were gone in Indiana to set our bunny free, probably to be eaten by coyotes. When he was gone I felt very sad. This should serve as an indicator of how bad I am departing from humans, which I care much more about than animals.

Also, my ipod was stolen from our car.

We have many many things to do/pack/figure out/pay for/clean out/organize/worry about before we move. In less than 2 weeks.

I don’t get to go to my sister’s wedding. :(

Because it’s too close to my due date. Oh yeah, I guess we are having a baby somewheres in theres.



You have no idea how hard I try to say only ONLY ONLY positive things on this blog! (Don’t mistake the baby thing to be a negative component. I just have this fear of the unknown. You know, like will humans and robots will ever co-exist peacefully???) Like many of you, I don’t follow people who write about sad things all the time! That is lame! So I make it up to you and write the cool things now! Ok!

This past weekend I had an awesome baby shower thrown for me by my friends. My friends are the coolest. You know who you are. (or maybe not? More potential anxiety!) There were some lovely pictures taken, and I am currently working on getting enough self esteem to post them. It might not happen though, due to my current emotional state.

We had a lovely time in Indiana to visit the worlds cutest babies. Seriously, I am not biased because they are my nephews. If I am, then so what.

On Memorial Day we had a ward picnic at the park. It was lovely to be outside eating hot dogs and popcorn. BUT then something totally unexpected happened. We were privileged to take part in a chocolate tasting party. And these were FANCY CHOCOLATES! It was absolutely life changing. Why? I have no idea. I just have always wanted to have a real tasting party. This was a very generous man in our ward to share these chocolates with us. Once again I am getting sad to be leaving such a cool cool ward.

What a weird post this was.