Tuesday, June 21, 2011

Extreme Nesting


One of the photos from our last shoot done in Chicago.

“Nesting” is rather a funny word. It seems more like something only birds should do, not humans. Yet mothers are explained to have this common “drive” to clean, rearrange, and organize their homes before a new baby comes. That is great and all, but what happens when you move across the country within that space of time?

I call it extreme nesting.

Mind you, I have not broken my back (yet) moving boxes and heavy items, but I am (along with Micah) basically making the ENTIRE “nest” top to bottom as quickly as possible. So far, we have made some good progress, after living at ikea for a few days, then coming home and madly building furniture/putting stuff away. Micah worked hard to make sure there was ample lighting in the front room so I would not get some form of depression. Haha, *slap* I should not be joking about that. (It’s just that Micah’s going to be a psychiatrist and all, and, oh never mind..)

Why the rush? Well, besides having a baby at any time now, Micah will be starting “work” or “residency” (or whatever you call it) this week. He will of course get some time for paternity leave when baby comes, but we obviously don’t know how that’s all going to go down.


But I’m still alive and I feel fine. Just thought I’d let you know.

P.S. Seattle is hilarious. Everyone feels bad that I am from Orange County. They try to make me feel better by saying “oh there was that one day just this week where it got up to 70 degrees!” I get it people. I’ll never see the sun. I’ve gotten over it. Sort of.

P.P.S. Micah is a Doctor now. Be very afraid.



Thanks to Lindsay Salazar for the lovely pictures.


Sarah said...

How exciting! I hope you survive the craziness and the adjustment to baby Croft goes well. I'm so excited for you. Babies are so much fun and work! You will enjoy it!

Jess Hammond said...

Kenny is the nester in this house. I on the other hand just have these hankerings to complete weird projects. Like throw pillows made from cloth napkins.

Krischelle said...

i am so late with blogging and blog reading. I am trying to catch up with you! I will never understand the nesting thing until I have one of my own. I hope you get used to Seattle. I love the rain, but too much gloom is unhealthy. For me, anyway. hahah you understand. we are california girls!

Krischelle said...

p.s. love the pictures of you too. This is the first time i'm seeing a pregnant picture of you!