Wednesday, June 1, 2011

Don’t read this if you want to be happy right now.

I just spent the last few minutes looking at, loathing, despising, and almost throwing up over my ridiculously horrid swollen feet.

In other news, one of our fishies jumped out of the tank and killed himself. This was while we were gone in Indiana to set our bunny free, probably to be eaten by coyotes. When he was gone I felt very sad. This should serve as an indicator of how bad I am departing from humans, which I care much more about than animals.

Also, my ipod was stolen from our car.

We have many many things to do/pack/figure out/pay for/clean out/organize/worry about before we move. In less than 2 weeks.

I don’t get to go to my sister’s wedding. :(

Because it’s too close to my due date. Oh yeah, I guess we are having a baby somewheres in theres.



You have no idea how hard I try to say only ONLY ONLY positive things on this blog! (Don’t mistake the baby thing to be a negative component. I just have this fear of the unknown. You know, like will humans and robots will ever co-exist peacefully???) Like many of you, I don’t follow people who write about sad things all the time! That is lame! So I make it up to you and write the cool things now! Ok!

This past weekend I had an awesome baby shower thrown for me by my friends. My friends are the coolest. You know who you are. (or maybe not? More potential anxiety!) There were some lovely pictures taken, and I am currently working on getting enough self esteem to post them. It might not happen though, due to my current emotional state.

We had a lovely time in Indiana to visit the worlds cutest babies. Seriously, I am not biased because they are my nephews. If I am, then so what.

On Memorial Day we had a ward picnic at the park. It was lovely to be outside eating hot dogs and popcorn. BUT then something totally unexpected happened. We were privileged to take part in a chocolate tasting party. And these were FANCY CHOCOLATES! It was absolutely life changing. Why? I have no idea. I just have always wanted to have a real tasting party. This was a very generous man in our ward to share these chocolates with us. Once again I am getting sad to be leaving such a cool cool ward.

What a weird post this was.


Jess Hammond said...

Stop it! Stop it I say! I can't handle any of this!

Lili said...

Dear Betsymagoo, I love you!