Wednesday, May 25, 2011

Oh the cleverness of me!

This past weekend was a magical marathon menagerie of anniversarial madness. It began on Thursday when we treated ourselves to a show -  the three-sixty production of:

Peter Pan-thumb-640xauto-273882

The theatre was in a tent. So it felt kindof like the circus. But it was PETER PAAAN! So the flying was crazy. And full of technological fanciness. They didn’t have all the cool songs, but I suppose this is an entirely new production, so they left them out. We had a good ole fashioned time.


On Friday, I woke up wayyyy too early (like 5:30am). So I went to my magical technology box (you might call it a “computer”) to find an email from Groupon. They were starting this new thing called “Groupon Now” in which a bunch of businesses around Chicago were giving $1 deals for their goods. The trick was that you had to use the coupon that same day.  But the goods were GOOD! I got a $70 haircut for ONE DOLLA! And we got a full rack of ribs dinner for ONE DOLLA!


Micah was in disbelief when I told him about this deal. But when we got our ribs we were totally converted.


The sweetest deal of our lives! We figured it was the world’s way of saying “thanks for being married for two years. Here’s some ribs”.

Monday was our actual anniversary. Micah made me pancakes! Yippee!




Two years we are a family! Two years we are rich with each others company! ‘Tis a life sweeter than chocolate.


Sarah said...

Sounds like a fun way to celebrate! Congratulations! I've never done the groupon thing---but I've heard it's cool. I keep thinking I should try it out.

The Westbrooks said...

Hey, that's my temple! I've got mad love for the NPBT. Congrats on two years! :)

Krischelle said...

Happy (belated) Anniversary on May 23! Also, I am jealous I didn't get the $70 haircut for ONE DOLLA! I really need a haircut. AAAND i'm jealous you went to see Peter Pan 360!!!

Lily said...

Oh my goodness, what a great anniversary! Happy belated anniversary!