Friday, May 13, 2011

Makin stuff.

That’s right. This past weekend I have been afflicted with what we think was acute bronchitis. So instead of trying to sleep, I taught myself how to make a quilt, then made one.


It is obviously not large enough for an adult, therefore it is a quilt for smaller humans, like babies, or midgets.


I particularly enjoy this fabric, because there are birds, foxes and bunnies.


It was a satisfying project to finish. Hooray for learning stuff on the internet!

And just for fun, I shall post a video. Recently Micah volunteered to have a feeding tube inserted through his nose for a demonstration in his resident teaching class. Unfortunately it didn’t go in, but he braved a lot of poking and jabbing in the attempt. All in the name of science, right? He deserves a trophy. (Actually, he has won many awards at school, we’ll see if I can manage to write about them all sneaky like, eh? Later…)


Jess Hammond said...

whoah. You were not kidding and now I am even more intimidated to start.

Betsy said...

no! I posted to eradicate all fear!!!

Krischelle said...

you did wonderful! I loooove the quilt! Not sure how I feel about the bunny wabbits... haha :) jk i really do love it

kudos to Micah for being a good sport! I dont know if i would be able to handle a tube being in my nose...