Saturday, September 19, 2009

The way things are.

"With this layout, anything you post will be wonderful!" quoth Micah. I suppose it is basically true. He's been working for hours on the illumination of our blog, and I have to say the result is pretty fantastic. We chose to make an illuminated blog because we both like medieval looking things I suppose. That's the honest truth. I also suppose I enjoy the juxtaposition of a modern blog with the look of an archaic manuscript.

We hope this blog will serve you well in keeping up to date with all the goings on. I have been avoiding participation in the blogging world too long, so it's good that Micah helped in making the idea a reality. Note that I will probably not post anything too interesting like politics or the latest on celebrity lifestyles. Maybe Micah will.

Pictures are coming soon.

1 comment:

Lily said...

Oh, you had better believe I will be watching this blog. Always watching....

Yay for illumination!