Tuesday, June 1, 2010

A weekend of wonders.

It is a rare event indeed when Micah gets a holiday. This past weekend we got to go to Indiana, to visit Bryn and Ann.

The sun was so hot at the Indy 500 parade. Poor Micah didn’t have any sunscreen, and not enough clothes.



I felt worse for the baby though!


Uncle Sam was takin a nap!


Snuggly. I have the cutest nephew.

2010-05-29 19.03.40

Layin on some Indiana turf.

2010-05-29 21.16.34

The friday before we left we took the dragon kite out for a flight! It was awesome!

2010-05-28 19.34.28

2010-05-28 19.35.00

2010-05-28 19.49.18

2010-05-28 19.49.49

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