Monday, July 25, 2011

Sister Missionaries are SPOILED

Just kidding. But not really. They kindof are.

I’m not sure when this came out on the church website, but here is the new “Dress and Grooming” page for sister missionaries:

Remember this post? Follow this Link.

Also, scroll down the page of the General Guidelines.


This was my least favorite outfit too. Why did everyone else get to wear the cool colorful things and I was stuck with the old conservative garb? Oh well, at least my purple purse gives me that sassy edge.

I am really impressed with the amount of change that has happened between now and when they had the “old” standards – which was not too long ago at all. When I got my call I was given this pamphlet:



Blaugh. Horrible. How did this go on for so

SO long?! How long is it going to take for them to update these new guidelines? 10 years? 20?

download (1)

At least now you can be cute and sassy!

download (2)

Even on a BIKE!



Lili said...

Wow. Such a drastic change. For the better. It makes me jealous of today's sisters... Even in the outerwear department. Oh boy... compared to my bright blue too-big rain coat and my rain skirt... not to mention that hats were against our mission rules and I had to get special permission from my mission pres. to cover my ears in the harsh cold winter?! I mean... So! I'm glad for this extremely incredibly overdue update. And you're probably right... it will probably be long out of style by the time they update again.

Also, you are an adorable sister missionary. Even if you're lying in these pics because you were a MARRIED (and were you already PREGNANT?!) woman when these photos were taken! (gasp!)

Anonymous said...

I totally noticed that the Palmyra sisters look adorable! I thought it must be just here, since I hadn't seen sisters dressed like that before!

krebscout said...

dang girl, you hot