Tuesday, June 19, 2012

Pippa is off the charts

I regret to inform everyone that Pippa has already entered a sort of “toddling” stage.

As in, she has already started walking. It started last week, and has been progressing since then. By next week (her 1st Birthday), we expect it will be her new mode of transportation. But we could be wrong. I keep waiting for her to just go back to lying around, waiting for us to pick her up.

Anyways. One day Micah had the day off so we went to the “beach”.


Pippa liked the sand.




Not sure how she felt about being buried in the sand, though.


Sunday was Father’s Day, so to prove that it actually happened, we took this ridiculous picture:


I’ll oblige you all with this bonus video which will probably kill you, because her cuteness is no lie.

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