Monday, August 6, 2012

Family Home Berry Picking

Today for Family Home Evening we went berry picking.
2012-08-06 18.32.33
These blackberries grow like weeds in our neighborhood. We didn’t even have to sneak into someone’s backyard! We got about 3 pounds of all the ripe berries we could find, but in a few weeks there will be tons and tons of ripe berries.
2012-08-06 18.32.53
Micah picking the hard to reach berries.
The bushes are very thorny and prickly, so Pippa couldn’t really join in the fun, but she loves how the berries taste! They are juicy and delicious!
2012-08-06 18.34.12
2012-08-06 18.52.15
2012-08-06 19.02.54
I took them home to wash them and will make a blackberry pie tomorrow. I will post pictures and a recipe! Be excited!


Lily said...

Jealous, jealous, jealous!

Erin said...

Very jealous. Yum!

just a little bit mo said...

I'm so excited! Your pie will be amazing. 3 lbs of free fresh berries . . . I don't know if anything can beat that. Ever.