Thursday, September 27, 2012


Just got back from a visiting teaching appointment. Now I am home and I am pondering the exchange I just had with a lovely sister in my ward who must think I am so silly, but opens her home to me each month anyways.

I guess, I just feel like connecting with people is one of the most godlike things we do here on earth. And, I have met a lot of awesome people in my life.

Like, REALLY awesome. And, yes, I am using the word "awesome" in the awe-inspiring sense of the word.

And yes, that means YOU!

I really miss Chicago a lot. I also miss my mission in Ukraine, and my ole college BYU, and my home in California. But mostly I miss the PEOPLE. Each group was SO DIFFERENT. Can you imagine what California would be like if it were inhabited by Ukrainians? Haha. I try to imagine babushkas guarding the buildings and carts of kvas all around. But although everyone was so different, I had a great relationship with each one, even if it was for a short time.

I am just amazed to be where I am now, and to have been where I have been. My friends (who read this blog at least) I hope you know, I think of you so often. Every exchange we had, every conversation. I wrote in my journal about you, and was affected by your words and actions.

The weirdest thing is how I kept one of those friends and married him. Poor guy.

But it is pretty neat.


E B said...

Awww, so sweet. Tell Micah that Eric has interviews he talked to Joseph from U of C and we feel really, crazy good about a really crazy change. Micah has been one of those friends Eric will think about the rest of his life, I know.

just a little bit mo said...

Crazy how each phase brings different people into our lives. Right now we're in a new part of Provo and in a new phase of life. It's cool to have new people to meet, but I often find myself missing those people and moments that have been left behind. Also, I need to make friends in the new ward. hahaha! Probably one reason why I've currently been missing my far-flung friends even more.