Wednesday, December 26, 2012

A fine Christmas

Christmas was yesterday. It’s been awhile since I’ve posted, mostly because we’ve been busy.
Busy watching the Hobbit. (Which I loved, seriously. Maybe it’s because it has been like a year since I have been to the movies…)
Busy cooking. And, like I said, eating. Even though our cabbage rolls lost to the Horchata in this years’ Iron Chef competition, we got to eat the results, which makes us all winners in the end. Plus we had an EXACT TIE for second place with the Risotto, which is pretty amazing when you consider there were 100 points possible.
Busy getting fun toys for Pippa. Who is so funny to watch.
Busy working. (Micah). BOO!
As a trade-off for the work, however, we got to party at one of his co-workers house for Hannukah. And eat the most delicious potato pancakes ever.
Busy attending resident dinners. I realize that it’s not very common for wives and family to be invited to these, so I was very grateful to have been able to go. We left Pippa with friends and turned them into date nights. I must say I charmed the heck out of the other residents and applicants. I am that delightful.
Busy taking family pictures:
Busy learning new words (Pippa), even though she calls both of us Dada.
Busy reading all the new Russian literature we got for Christmas.
Busy listening to my new Ipod that replaced the one that got stolen in Chicago. (WHOEVER YOU ARE, I AM OUT TO GET YOU, PUNK!)

We are ready for another vacation, I think. I could literally feel my skin drinking in the sunlight in California. We do not get enough in Seattle. Still, the taste of the water is absolutely unmatched.

Hope you all had a great Christmas.
Soon I will be posting more recipes from the Iron Chef competition, including an updated, Pioneer Woman style tutorial on making Borsch. STAY TUNED!


Hilary said...

Looking forward to the Borscht recipe!

we went to olive garden and I ordered the sausage soup you made that one time and I thought of you! I need to make that soup someday. it's the bomb diggity!

Well maybe one of these days we can meet up in California and soak up some rays on the beach! :)

just a little bit mo said...

Can't even tell you how excited I am for your Borscht recipe. I think my eyes must have lit up when I read what was coming . . .

mariner57 said...

Great family picture! We miss you guys. Take care