Monday, August 19, 2013


So, as you may or may not know, I enjoy fashion.

There is a blog that I follow that is incredibly inspiring and tasteful.


Her name is Tenesha. Not only does she have incredible taste, but she regularly styles her hair with its natural texture, and uses minimal makeup. Look how awesome this dress is.


I would love to hang out and go shopping with her.

But for now I am doing my best to add my voice to the Seattle fashion scene. At the beginning of this month I entered an H&M contest called 50 States of Fashion. (Probably the reason I did it was because I didn’t fear much competition from Seattle-ites who are known for not being the most fashionable. Don’t believe me? click here.) I entered a few pictures, but so far the most popular outfit I entered is this one:


It looks like I am pretty close to being top-voted for my state! If I can get some more votes, maybe I can get there. If not, it’s still fun to show my love for H&M! (which is finally open for online shopping!!!)

So what you can do is, click on this link: 50 states of fashion

Then, you can either search for my entries by typing “betsyhcroft” in the search box or head to the “sort by” section and click STATE (choose WASHINGTON) and then MOST VOTED. From there you should see my pictures and you can help move up my most popular outfit! Just click on the picture and a little heart should come up.


The contest ends August 21st. Thanks to all those who have already voted. You are the best.