Monday, September 15, 2014


So, we’ve had a busy summer.

 But I do not intend to glorify the state of being “busy” – I find people tend to congratulate that lifestyle a bit too readily. Since when is constantly being stressed and tired a cool thing?

And we have not been THAT busy, I just have been super lazy about blogging. I am deliberately lazy in lots of things. Because I am allergic to stress.

Anyways, to sum up our summer, (SUM UP THE SUM) I offer a list of completely truthful bullet points:

- Pippa turned 3. Congratulations to her for…aging.

- I TOTALLY HAD PURPLE HAIR and if you didn't see it in person then I pity you.

- We watched every available season of “Parks and Recreation” and absolutely loved it

-We saw Shakespeare's "Love's Labour's Lost" at the park! It was jolly fun.

- I started “Running” around Greenlake on an occasional basis. It is always rewarding, but only after the fact

- My doctor prescribed Flonase (a nasal spray) for my allergies and it has been AMAZING

- I went camping a total of THREE TIMES. Once at the base of Mt. Rainier, then at Ensign Ranch (Girls camp), and then at Cascade Park in Granite Falls, WA. Both Ensign Ranch and Cascade Park are church-owned properties. This is the most times I have ever gone camping, all in one year no less. Bully for me.

- I participated in a “polar bear plunge” at Girls Camp. It was cold.

- We bought an inflatable KAYAK and paddled around several of many bodies of water

- Pippa played with her cousins Caleb and Hyrum, who visited us, and Jane and Abby and Beatrice, who we visited in Utah

- Micah applied for a job at Utah Valley Regional Medical Center in Provo for an inpatient Psychiatrist position

- Utah was extremely dry

- UVRMC offered Micah a job

- Micah accepted the job at UVRMC. However, we will not be moving there until next summer, when Micah finishes his residency.

- I only have 18 credits left to finish my BA in Visual Arts at BYU. The plan is to NOT take my remaining 2 Art History classes online.

- I went to the top of the Space Needle. It is very tall.

- Pippa calls it the “Space noodle”

- We made french macarons, homemade nutella, cream cheese, farmers cheese, yogurt, horchata, ginger beer…and need to post some of the recipes because they were all delicious

- We bought many bouquets of fresh flowers from Pike Place Market

- Pippa hated “Frozen” and absolutely adores “The Lego Movie”

- We saw “X-men Days of Future Past” and “Guardians of the Galaxy” – both excellent movies

Things we will be doing this Fall:

- Cooking lots of things

- Pippa will start her Ballet class

- I will be re-applying to BYU and possibly taking an online Psychology class

- Micah will continue his Chief Resident duties (which is basically sending a million e-mails every day)

Thanks for reading! Hopefully I can post pictures and recipes soon.


just a little bit mo said...

So many good things, but I really nee to hear more about this homemade nutella . . . :)

The Tengelsens said...

Utah! Wahoo! That means we will see you more since we frequent that place!

Unknown said...

yeah! for no stress blogs.

Jess Hammond said...

Jerry!!!!!!!!! It does't mahhha!