Thursday, February 12, 2015

Dress designer!

Hello, everybody within the sound of my blog!

Yesterday was pretty exciting for me. My dress design was chosen as a finalist for Shabby Apple's #daretodesign dress design contest!

If it were up to me, the final winner would be chosen by a real, professional dress maker, who knows about design and how fabric drapes and what fabric to choose etc. But, as it turns out, the winner is whoever


I like Instagram, mostly. I didn't have a lot invested in it but now, all of a sudden, I do. And I have to ask everybody I know to either use their current Instagram account to vote, or create an account to like from this link:

So my fate is in the public's hands. I know what a politician feels like now. I also know that I do not want to be a politician.

Please, if we be but friends, share this with anybody who has an Instagram, or who likes Shabby Apple, or who might like to wear this dress. If I win, it will be created and sold on Shabby Apple, and I will receive 1% of royalties. The contest ends Saturday (Valentines Day).

In the end, I am glad I gave this a shot. Who knows if I have a future in dress making. I know I enjoy the designing part.

Thanks for your support. See you in 2016. Yes we can. Bla bla bla.

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