Sunday, December 18, 2016

Merry Christmas/2016 recap!

Hello dear friends and family,

What a year this has been. We are happy to be saving the trees this year by sending our Christmas message to you via the wonderful internet. No need to congratulate us, we are just doing our part.

Enjoy this obligatory family newsletter! (But do keep that more interesting browser tab open just in case).

Pippa turned 5 this year and both graduated from preschool and started kindergarten, both of which she absolutely loved and thrived in. Her teachers have been exceptional. As a result she is learning how to be kind to others and socialize in meaningful, positive ways. These skills are huge building blocks to her life and we couldn't be more grateful for the examples she has. This year she also took swimming lessons, went camping with mom and dad, had many play dates with friends, participated in the primary program, visited California, Seattle and Chicago, read many books and saw her first movie in the theater. She continues to amaze us with her brilliance and bravery. She can beat both her parents at the game "Set" and proved impressively composed and calm than when getting her flu shot. She says her favorite memory of this year was having Thanksgiving with her cousins.

Micah has managed to keep his job at Utah Valley Hospital in inpatient psychiatry; a job that has been both rewarding and intense.  But those are two things that describe Micah pretty well, don't you think? There really isn't anybody that can handle the demands of it better than Micah. This year the hospital offered him the medical director position, which mostly entails scheduling and responding to ~1000 e-mails a day. This isn't as enjoyable to him as his work with his patients, which is the real butter to Micah's bread. It is a good match for both Intermountain Healthcare, a company in need of psychiatrists, and Micah, a hard-working and qualified individual. Thankfully, however, his life does not revolve solely around his work, as there are an endless amount of activities that appeal to Micah. This summer he built and maintained an excellent garden, as well as installed/fixed a countless number of things around our home. He acquired a barbecue smoker which has helped him produce some of the most incredible meat we've ever made. He is also very invested in Pippa's development and play, and has taught her many board and video games, as well as helped her with her school endeavors. He hopes to find even more fulfillment outside of work as he continues striving for that balance that so many doctors hear about, but have a difficult time achieving.

Betsy completed her bachelor's degree this spring with a BA in Visual Arts. After following Micah around for years, she was able to finish what she started at BYU. She was happy to never have to take American Heritage ever again, even though it proved more interesting than she would have guessed--and she aced it! School was also interesting in that she found some wonderful people to befriend among her fellow students and professors. As she frequently says, BYU is a unique place. She barely took any time off before establishing a ceramics studio. This was quite a learning experience as she searched out just the right kiln and wheel. She was able to find a fantastic space in Provo and was able to share it with another ceramic artist. She is now working to get the kiln set up, but once it is, watch out world! It is exciting to see her find her voice as an artist. Betsy continues to be the most amazing mother that Pippa could ever wish for. She is also providing fun experiences and helping Pippa discover who she is. Pippa's teachers have remarked on how kind and friendly she is--She definitely gets that from her mother! In general, however, Betsy has continued to show her skills in flexibility. Micah's work schedule is never regular and there always seems to be something that unexpectedly comes up--whether it is a middle of the night phone call, or a meeting on a "day off." Betsy continues to roll with the uncertainty of life and continues to keep the Croft household all in one piece.

This time of year our lives are strengthened by the hope of Christ's example. We know we are not perfect people but are ever searching for ways to spread hope and love to everyone we meet. This Christmas we hope that you, our friends and family, are able to find goodness and joy. To us the greatest success in life is to be counted among your friends, and we are honored to have a place in the lives of so many wonderful people.

Merry Christmas and a wonderful, happy New Year!

Micah, Betsy, and Pippa

Photos taken by Emma Huntington.


Unknown said...

Mom H. here - Love the pictures and newsletter. Thank you.

Sally said...

Happy, happy Christmas, Croft Family! I love keeping update on the magical internet.