Saturday, October 31, 2009

Halloween times.


For some reason I have been super creative as of late. I made roses out of maple leaves…


And for this year’s pumpkin I did Thomas S. Monson.



Our costumes won “Best Couple” award at our ward Halloween party.







We had a lot of fun. Also, this week we went to my new favorite place in Chicago, The Museum of Science and Industry.


IMG_6370 They already have some Christmas decorations up! This was a Bolivian themed tree.

IMG_6365 A miniature room from the fairy castle!!!

IMG_6387 The coal mine!!!

It was a good Halloween. Hope ya’ll had a good one too. Yar.


Morgan said...

is it just me, or are you guys a grape bunch and a wine-bibber?

This may be one of the most enjoyable textured blogs i have seen. So charming!
Nice, Betsy!

Betsy said...

Yeah I forgot to mention that we are the Sun-Maid raisin girl and a bunch of grapes. Micah's costume was put together at the VERY last minute, so I am glad it worked out. We couldn't even find purple balloons, so went the the green ones, which seemed to work better.

Tuly said...

Love that pumpkin!! and the Bolivian Christmas tree.

Edward said...

Ha! You found an R2-D2 mailbox!

And your costumes are, naturally, brilliant. The flower-leaves (fleaves? Lowers?) are breathtaking, and the Monson pumpkin is ... um ... well, kind of creepy. But dang if it isn't the best likeness I've seen of him! Too cool, guys, too cool.

I commend you for your creativity, ingenuity, and, uh, raisinability(?). Well done!

Monica said...

I love the roses! And can I just say what a talented pumkin carver you are? Wow! Love it! :)

Krischelle and Jacob said...

i KNEW you were the Raisin girl!!! My second guess was going to be Chiquita Banana girl. That's such a cool pumpkin! Looks like you guys had an eventful October! :D