Monday, October 19, 2009

Pumpkin Patch.

I for one have never been in a pumpkin patch. You might say I missed out on having a childhood. And I’d say you’re right!

IMG_6344 A real live pumpkin.

IMG_6347 Happy.

IMG_6345 Contemplate the worth of a pumpkin.

Even a real tractor ride.

I must say you’d be silly not to love the fall. It was worth a trip down to Indiana to find some of the best pumpkins around for only 25 cents a pound. They also had the most amazing Golden Delicious apples. It’s not very often I get to taste a bit of fruit right off the tree. These are the simple joys in life you cannot do without.





Another first: Dinner at Steak & Shake. Some of the best burger I’ve ever had.


The following Sunday I made Ukrainian Borshch.

IMG_6357 IMG_6359 Twas good.


Lily said...

Life is good. So very good. Especially when pumpkin patches are involved. We went a couple of weeks ago (and, yes, still have yet to post about it on our blog...way to be on the ball).

I'm almost glad I've never been to Steak & Shake because from what I hear I would just crave it fortnightly.

I like your scarf too, Betsy...where might one obtain such a one?

Betsy said...

I'm sorry to say that the scarf was purchased in Ukraine, and I wouldn't know where to obtain one here.
However, the fingerless gloves were knitted by yours truly, and I would be happy to make you a pair. If you are interested.

Betsy said...

Yum! That soup is so red! Yum!

Krischelle and Jacob said...

Betsy I love the pumpkins! and those apples look scrumptious :D Jacob and I still need to make a trip to Pumpkin City (since there are no patches nearby lol) here in Laguna Hills mall. Congrats on your first visit!

Edward said...

Your jacket is super cute! And pumpkin patches are crazy fun - I went with the Motts a few weeks ago and it was fantastic. Check out the pics on the family site!

Tuly said...

I can't wait for more delicious broshch during the holidays!!!