Wednesday, February 10, 2010

Being compelled to post about my birthday..

Haha. I suppose now I should explain the events surrounding my 24th Birthday.  The Wednesday before I was feeling some back pain, but felt fine all day Thursday. Then that night the pain was terrible. So I took some of Micah’s old Vicodin and was able to sleep. The pain persisted Friday and I started throwing up and stuff, and finally Saturday I was getting a fever. So thats when we decided I better go to the hospital. YAY! Turns out I had PYELONEPHRITIS!!! Which is a scary word for a kidney infection. They did not see any stones in the CT scan, so I’m hoping I didn’t actually have them.

BUT before going to the hospital, Micah took me to go see AVATAR in 3D!!!!!!!!!! It was so amazing! Really one of the best movies I have ever seen. It was truly a visual feast. And amazingly, during the whole movie I felt fine. Miracle??????

So I won’t go into the details of my hospital stay, it is all rather boring, but I will say being in the hospital gave me a good glimpse of what my husbands life is like. It wasn’t the nicest hospital (like, not at all!), and being a patient is probably worse than being a doctor, but I was able to see how it all works. You’d think I’d know by now.  But this was my first time in a hospital and I don’t even watch doctor shows on T.V. So really everything Micah does is like a mystery to me.  Still, being there made me appreciate my health, and I had a lot of really nice doctors and nurses take care of me.

So onto my actual birthday!  Look what has finally come into my life!!!


Really, the best sewing machine I could ask for!!! It works amazingly!!! And now I can MAKE STUFF!!! I was too sick to be as excited as I should have been to receive it!

That evening we had a delicious dinner at the Cheesecake Factory, and ironically, Micah made a cherry cheesecake for me at home, which ended up tasting better than it would have at the Cheesecake factory, I’m guessing! A jolly good fellow, he is.




Katie said...

YEAH for Betsy's new sewing machine. I am excited to see all of your creations! Happy Birthday (and I am glad you figured out what was wrong) We miss you guys!

Katie Tengelsen

Krischelle and Jacob said...

BETS!!!! i'm so excited for you and your sewing machine!! I was hoping Micah would get you one for your birthday! Ever since you told me you wanted one (a long time ago) I think of you every time i see one! Sorry to hear about your hospital trip! That bites! I hope it is good news though! Just remember: "itis" means inflammation! haha