Saturday, February 27, 2010

Museum Days.

This week ended Micah’s work at Mercy hospital before he goes into cardiology, so he had a little more time for fun. We were able to get FREE admission to TWO museums; the Field Museum and the Shedd Aquarium. They were magnificent!! I love natural history and feel lucky to live so close to these amazing institutions.

Outside the museum there were geese.







Big, big fish!

2010-02-22 14.41.52 Sea horse!2010-02-22 16.06.35

2010-02-22 16.11.44

2010-02-22 16.12.54

2010-02-22 16.10.53



The remains of snow sculptures.


We can’t seem to find our camera, therefore I am unable to post the amazing pictures of Sue, the Tyrannosaurus Rex ! But once we find it I will post! In the meantime, here are some pictures from my phone:

2010-02-23 16.25.34

2010-02-23 14.21.37

2010-02-23 15.37.52

Rather interesting taxidermy.


That evening we went to Barnes and Noble to warm up and browse the books. Micah found an interesting book: The Secret Lives of Men and Women.

2010-02-22 18.09.09

When he opened the book, he found this inside! I real secret note left by a real person!

2010-02-22 18.08.51

I wonder how many people have opened this book and found the note. It seems there have only been two. Or perhaps more, and just didn’t want to write on the note.

 2010-02-22 18.09.03

I decided to leave a secret of my own on the note and put it back in the book.  I’m not telling you what the secret is, suckahs!

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