Saturday, March 6, 2010

Project SKIRT!

Yes, it can be done! I am happy to say that I finished my first article of clothing with my new sewing machine. While I really had little guidance, I was determined to do it by myself and figure it out.  CHECK IT OUT YO!

2010-03-06 11.29.11


The funniest thing happened in the process of making this skirt. When we went to JoAnns to purchase the fabric, I kindof went a little crazy buying all kinds of fabric. I reasoned that I am just a beginner and I needed it all to get started. Anyways, when we eventually went to the register, the computers broke down and we ended up waiting for 45 minutes…people started getting very angry and upset; one woman even told the lady at our register, “you are going to lose a lot of business today", and left in a huff. As she left I proclaimed “well it wasn’t her fault!” and the register lady smiled.  I was getting a little tired of waiting that long but I never understand why people think that’s an excuse to be grouchy and ill-behaved. The reward of all this was that we eventually were able to pay in cash and the lady gave me all that fabric for 2 dollars a yard! Made those 45 minutes worth it, to be sure.


Vanessa Swenson said...

I love the skirt! That fabric rocks.
And this post really made me miss you!

mamacita said...

Great job!!I'm so impressed!!

Anonymous said...

That looks great. Well done.

Heather Feather said...

beautiful :) love it!

Krischelle and Jacob said...

absolutely lovely! you did a great job! I'm proud if you!