Wednesday, April 14, 2010

Real Simple times.

This past Friday I attended the 10th anniversary celebration of Real Simple magazine. They came to Chicago and New York.

Chicago Union Station

2010-04-09 13.27.27

My friend Barbie was kind enough to go with me. We got a lot of free stuff. I LOVE FREE STUFF. Makeup, manicures, coupons, ice-cream, bags, copies of the magazine, etc. We made many new friends in the process of getting said free stuff, hehe. I hesitate to call it an estrogen-fest, but it kind of was.  Good times!!!

Me and Barbie!

2010-04-09 13.27.35

2010-04-09 14.29.14

2010-04-09 15.24.46

Table setting demonstration.

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