Friday, April 23, 2010

Springs in my shoes.

Hello all, hope you are doing well. Nothing too new here, just celebration after celebration – Pizza Friday today (a tradition I have held onto since my mission…doesn’t actually require pizza, even though it’s nice, we just have something to look forward to at the end of the week), our 11 month wedding anniversary (another excuse to party/eat good food) Micah’s amazing grades in school (he won’t let me elaborate on that one), upcoming Micah’s Birthday (he probably won’t let me elaborate on that one either, but I am claiming certain rights), and of course, Spring is in full swing! Always a reason to celebrate!

2010-04-22 19.13.46 Tulips everywhere!

2010-04-22 19.02.26

Cherry blossoms!

2010-04-21 22.23.52 Floral fabrics are in style!

2010-04-22 15.10.46

Playin at the park.

2010-04-22 15.10.51

And even though it’s a little warmer, that doesn’t mean making delicious heart-warming soup is out of the question! Especially if it is Borshch!!

2010-04-18 18.45.48

Yay for mission reunions in Chicago!

2010-04-18 18.46.00

I’m pretty sure the museum of Science and Industry is better than Disneyland. The new “Science Storms” exhibit is so amazing. Always something new to see.

2010-04-22 13.57.14

A demonstration of combustion. The green lasers are reflecting off of particles of water.

2010-04-22 14.09.05

Floating balls!! Like magic, but it’s SCIENCE!!

2010-04-22 14.09.56

2010-04-14 17.48.10

And teepees in Cub Scouts!


Anonymous said...

Where did you find that floral fabric? Is it.. .orange?! It is exactly what I have been holding out for for the quilt I want to make... I may need to make you go buy bolts of it for me...?!

Betsy said...

Actually I got it at Jo-anns and I used it for my dress. And it's more of a buttery yellow.

Krischelle and Jacob said...

OMG you got pictures of tulips AND cherry blossoms! Those are my FAVES!!! That soup looks really good too!! You guys will have to come over and make some ukranian and thai food for us!!! :D