Sunday, July 25, 2010


We went to Chinatown Friday evening, to celebrate our 14 month anniversary (no, we do not expect you to keep track of that, and yes, it’s just another excuse to go out and party) in search of good food and fun trinkets.

2010-07-23 16.42.26

This little smelly market was nevertheless a good source of  rice noodles, coconut milk, peanuts, and yummy panda snacks:

2010-07-25 22.51.20

Good old Chinatown!

2010-07-23 16.52.36

I was ecstatic to find a large Hello Kitty vendor, but didn’t find anything that particularly caught my fancy.

2010-07-23 16.53.09

We later went to have an amazing chinese food experience at one of the many MANY restaurants. I was too busy eating to take pictures. Sorry…

2010-07-23 17.48.10


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mamacita said...

So which Chinatown is the biggest LA's, NY's or Chicago's?