Friday, August 6, 2010

Oriental Institute

A while ago we went to the Oriental Institute at the university campus. It was a sight to see.

2010-07-28 16.27.59

check this guy out!

2010-07-28 16.28.35

2010-07-28 16.28.18

2010-07-28 16.29.28

2010-07-28 16.32.32

Micah’s afraid of the mummies!

2010-07-28 16.33.45

On the way home we stopped by Powells Books. Micah got a whole bunch of free books and rode home on his bike with them. Shoot dawg. I told him to get a bag or something. But he didn’t drop any. Bike skilz.

2010-07-28 17.26.44

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Krischelle and Jacob said...

major bike skilz! Oriental Institute looks like fun! I'd like to visit that place one of these days...