Tuesday, August 24, 2010

Festivals and Concerts

We’ve been having a lot of fun lately. Need proof? Well here it is, yo!!!!

We cooked Salmon on a cedar plank!! YUMOLUCIOUS!! We could not believe how delightful it tasted!



Does that not look amazing?! Fried zucchini, roasted potatoes, homemade rolls, and of course the salmon. I want to eat this picture.


We also tried making homemade cherry varenyky. I used a homemade cherry pitter. It worked well. All you need is an old fork and you use pliers to bend it like so:



The delicious results!

Speaking of Varenyky, we went to the Ukrainian Days Festival this past weekend. They celebrated Ukraine’s Independence Day and it was a lot of fun. And of course, amazing food.


Sausage, kraut, potato pancakes, stuffed cabbage rolls, perogies, and apple sauce….all in one plate. We were quite satisfied.

Ok so enough food, eh? What about the culture? Well we watched some Ukrainian performers sing and dance and play instruments.


A crazy violinist.

Here is Micah re-capping the event in his own delightful words:


We also went downtown to see Mahler’s 2nd Symphony. It was really lucky because at first it looked like the seats were all full, but people got bored I guess after a while (?????) and tons of people left after the 1st movement! Fools! We therefore were able to take their seats! What they didn’t realize was how amazing the last movement is. Micah has seen it like 5 times now. We’re pretty sure it will be playing at the 2nd coming. . .maybe. Haha.


Oh and Micah won’t let me get away without posting this. I met Hello Kitty! Yeah, she was at the mall. I made a few adorable purchases. I am a sanrio fan, always have been. Don’t laugh, it’s true. You can get me a stupid little trinket at that store and I will cherish it. Ok random enough?

2010-08-14 16.06.29

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Krischelle and Jacob said...

that salmon looks so good! i would love to have the recipe for that??? and the sauce?! YUM! Also, how do you make fried zucchini? I have been dying to know!

i am a huge Sanrio fan, too! I have yet to find one here in Murrieta!