Wednesday, September 1, 2010


Sometimes I fail to realize that the internet is a big big place.

Meaning, that all the crazy incriminating videos I post of Micah are available for all to see.

Interestingly, Micah has no problem with this. Guys. Did I luck out, or WHAT???

I suppose since I am the main author of this blog I am free to post whatever I want. But to many visiting for the first time I cannot give them a warning about how weird I really am and provide some kind of disclaimer that all the content of this blog is basically whatever is in my head at the moment. And whatever is in our camera’s memory card at the moment.

The funny thing about Micah (hope this isn’t awkward… it is since I just acknowledged it as such) is that I can post all the silly things he does in broad daylight with no problem, but if I were to actually point out all the amazing things he accomplishes in med school and work, there might be some grief. It’s been this way since I’ve known him, actually. At first he appeared like a rather weird, somewhat dim-witted person. (HAH, he really doesn’t appear that way at all, I was going through a very judgmental phase in my life) But it turned out that he was a genius. So let that be a lesson you you kids. 

But here’s what I am getting at. I don’t (and won’t) want to be specific about  what Micah succeeds at because I respect the fact that he is trying to be less self-promoting. Right now I think he is struggling to do that for his applications for residency. :0) So I’ll be good and promise not to brag, alright??

Three cheers for Micah, RAH! RAH! RAhhhh…..ok I’m done now.


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Sarah said...

Nice post Betsy. :)