Friday, October 15, 2010

Dream talk

So, some of you out there may or may not know that I talk in my sleep. And some of you have even been there to witness it. My personal favorite happens to be the time my roomie in college caught me saying, and I kid you not,





Pretty impressive? Maybe. But it gets weirder. A few nights ago, Micah finally was able to catch a glimpse of my subconscious  (I was fearing that I was past sleep talking). He seems to recall me expressing the following (mind you, he was really tired, but I was loud enough for him to wake up)

Me: { laughing} “But that doesn’t rhyme with _____(some word that Micah can’t remember)

Micah: “hah, what doesn’t rhyme with ___ Betsy?”

Me: “I dunno…”


And that’s it. I am open to interpretations on what this could all possibly mean. Why do I care so much about rhyming? And rainbows? When will they invent the rainbow magic rhyming machine? The world may never know.


Vanessa Swenson said...

They're not invented it soon enough!!!
I just found the post-it note that I scrawled MAGIC RAINBOW RHYMING MACHINE on. I should scan it in and send it to you. It's something that needs to be scrapbooked into a memory book of family history genealogy for those future generations.

The MRRM definitely makes my top 5 of Betsy.

Vanessa Swenson said...

errrm, "inventing it"
my grarmmerr nieds hlep.

Jared said...

Maybe you were dreaming about clown poetry.