Sunday, October 10, 2010

Fall has….flung?

Trying to think of a fancy way to say that “Fall has arrived”….when weather-wise….it hasn’t.  At least this weekend. It has been scorching hot (for October, 88 degrees is scorching hot) and it’s really hard to tell that summer has ended.

Yesterday we went out with friends to an apple orchard to get our seasonal fruits. Only, most of those trees were picked clean! Interestingly, this did not put a damper in our visit, nor did I come with the expectation of coming home with a bushel of apples. I think I was more interested in getting a good old fashioned tractor ride, and to be even more honest, pumpkin doughnuts. (In my defense, they were really good, and well worth the trip. Also, is it possible to go wrong with donuts?…oh. NEVER.)

I think, for Micah, maybe it was all about the tree climbing.



Taking pictures of spiders…


dramatic poses…


And all this on like, two hours of sleep? Well somebody’s gotta stay up with the sickos in the emergency room. (Is the term “sicko” disrespectful? I may have just lost a few friends over that..)


For Barbie, maybe it was all about those precious moments spent on her husbands’ shoulders…


(I’ll leave you to blog about that, Barbie…:-)


No children were harmed in the process of this apple picking.


In the end, I was just there to look good.

{{{{{{{BETSY GET OVER YOURSELF}}}}}} photo taken by Micah who delights in taking way too many pictures of me

This blog post was brought to you by the Twilight-lovers fanclub of death.


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