Tuesday, October 5, 2010

Dreams do come true.

When I was really young I had frequent dreams of meeting Kermit the frog and Miss Piggy – they would come to my house and be just as funny as they were on T.V. Well, I must say life has a funny way of making my dreams come as close as they can to reality…….

2010-10-04 11.21.50

Yes, that is me and Kermit the Frog. My old pal.

The Museum of Science and industry is currently showing an exhibit called “Jim Henson’s Fantastic World”. Trying to take pictures was tricky indeed; the security was TIGHT! But I managed to get some sneaky ones on my phone:

2010-10-04 11.16.59

2010-10-04 11.27.56

2010-10-04 11.32.24


2010-10-04 11.28.36

Original artworks by Jim Henson.

2010-10-04 11.38.54

2010-10-04 11.38.45

2010-10-04 12.36.21

2010-10-04 12.23.23

2010-10-04 12.24.47

Don Music!!

2010-10-04 12.21.58

storyboard for “King of 8” segment on Sesame Street

2010-10-04 11.46.50

Micah and Miss Piggy.

2010-10-04 12.21.06

Bert and Ernie! And the original Rubber Duckie.

2010-10-04 12.22.18




Me and the Mahna Mahna guy – we now have the official spelling.

2010-10-04 12.34.24

2010-10-04 12.28.08

Kira’s dress from “The Dark Crystal”

2010-10-04 12.38.00

ye olde Muppets.



Lily said...

so fun! abe was just explaining fraggles to me last night. we were walking home from the gym and he said the plants outside of ratner reminded him of fraggles. now i know what they are!

Vanessa Swenson said...

jealousy-inducing post!!!

mamacita said...

Wow!!!!!! what a great exhibit - thanks for the pictures. Now I can spell Mahna, Mahna.

Lili said...

Oh YAY! Thank you for sharing! The wonderment of it all!

Krischelle and Jacob said...

i am so jealous you got to go!!! How fun is that! Woo! Thanks for sharing pics! I miss the Muppets...