Tuesday, February 22, 2011

Alpha Omega Alpha Banquet

For those of you who care, Micah was chosen out of around 100 students to be a member of the Alpha Omega Alpha Honor Medical Society, University of Chicago chapter.  This is a great honor for medical students. Micah won’t agree, but he easily fit the criteria for what this society stands for.

Micah during the reception


The 20 Honorees from the class of 2011


Micah getting his certificate






A proud day.


Lily said...

Congratulations to Micah!

Sarah said...


Betsy said...

I care! I care! Congratulations, Micah--and by the way, you knocked it outta the park in the wife department.

Ray Mutchler said...

Congrats, Micah. Best wishes and I'm confident you'll do good.

Krischelle said...

Congrats Micah! B, I was hoping to see some baby bump pictures! haha ;)

mamacita said...

We are so happy for the both of you! What an accomplishment. We love you both.

m said...

Thank you to everyone! I have to tell you though, all the other people in these pictures (especially my wife) are about 10 times smarter than me!

The Tengelsens said...

Way to go Micah, although we are not surprised one bit. By the way, I love your new favicon!

Shauna said...

I really care! It is wonderful to see pictures. Thanks for posting them. Congratulations to both of you. I know the effort it has taken to get to this point. Love you both.