Thursday, February 24, 2011

It is done.

That’s it. Yesterday THE RANK LIST OF DOOM was submitted. What is a rank list? Micah’s list of schools that he could potentially attend for residency. This was the whole point of our travels this winter. Now that it is out of the way, we can leave it to the fates to decide our future. (Not really. It’s actually a computer program that decides. Yeah, weird.) Also, I was really hoping that match day would be on the Ides of March (March 15) But instead it will be March 17. What am I most looking forward to? The Match Day T-shirts! I’m not really kidding. I guess we will also find out where we will be spending the next the next 4 years too. Won’t that be nice?

Maybe I should let Micah write a little bit more about this, but this will all someday go into my memoir and book “How to Marry a Med Student and Doctor,” so bear with me for posterity’s sake. On a side note, here is baby skeletor.




I would post pictures of me, but I’m not a big fan of pictures of me right now. Even though many people are telling me I don’t “look” pregnant, I think they are lying. Yes, even the nurses at the clinic.


Jess Hammond said...

Who told you that? Not me. I thought you were having twins.

Heather C. said...

Is Denver Colorado on that list. because it should be... #1 in fact :) good luck!

Shauna said...

You are beautiful! Take pictures, I promise you will be so happy that you did someday. I love the baby pictures! A look that only mom and dad (and grandma)could love. Emma and Rebecca thought they were pretty cool, too.

Krischelle said...

what!? nurses don't lie!

so uh... baby skeletor, eh? hahaha, i like! and thanks for posting the ultrasound pics! I LOVE seeing baby ultrasound pics! even baby skeletor pics ;)

Eva said...

Ahh, rank lists and match day. Are you as anxious as we are? Now that it's less than a month, it doesn't seem so far away. All women carry differently - I had a friend whose brother-in-law thought she had gotten really fat really quickly as opposed to 8 months pregnant or whatever she was. Ridiculous!