Friday, February 18, 2011

Why you should subscribe to Cuteoverload.

I’m not much of a pet person. I know, you’re thinking “why the heck do you have a rabbit?” Well, because it was free, it doesn’t make any noise, and is content staying in it’s home-made cage all the time. We only buy wood chips and bunny pellets. Every once in a while I give him leftover vegetables. That’s it. We gave him a name once (Phineas), but most of the time just call him “bunny.”

Bunnies are the CUTEST ANIMAL EVER. Don’t even try to contest this fact. God made rabbits to cute-ify the earth.

All the other animals are for crazy entertainment. So that’s why I subscribe to Not all the animals are cute, but they are crazy and weird. And I can enjoy them without having to own them. I just look at the pictures. It’s the perfect arrangement.

This was super random.


Lily said...

love that website, but i didn't know you could subscribe!! good advice. =)

Krischelle said...

Bunnies are evil! Evil, heartless car-accident-makers! hahaha

Elizabeth said...

Here's a cuteoverload for ya:
You've pro'ly already seen these--ha ha, overload!