Thursday, March 3, 2011

Gold Humanism Honor Society

Sorry for all the pomp and circumstance of late – but here’s just a little more proof of Micah’s great potential as a doctor, for our moms to see. The Gold Humanism Honor Society is a peer nominated award based on values like compassion, altruism, and service, as opposed to pure academia and clinical expertise. The ceremony was a lot more interesting for me, since the keynote speaker was a really funny Pediatrician who didn’t take himself so seriously. I also like the values that this society upholds. It honors students and doctors who are good people to be around, and who care about their colleagues and patients. These are the kind of doctors we all want to have. Micah thought it was an award for the “popular kids” but I’m pretty sure he really is liked by everybody, and it’s hard to deny how good he is with patients. IMG_4048


Each student nominated got a pin and a certificate. The funny thing was that they all had to pin each other in succession. Here is Micah getting his pin:



And of course, the student Micah had to pin was wearing a dress…and he dropped it. Oops. A weird part of the ceremony, but I’m sure it symbolizes something nice.



Isn’t he charming. IMG_4061

The GHHS students.


After the ceremony was a fancy reception. Micah and I enjoyed the shrimp tempura.



I will stop gloating now, don’t want to embarrass Micah too much. Just a little.


Krischelle said...

This is wonderful! Micah is a cool guy. He puts the "oo" in cool! :D

Jealous you had shrimp tempura!

Lily said...

Go Micah! Btw, Betsy, Abe and I are STILL laughing about your facebook exchange with Micah about the Borders sale. He is so funny!

Shauna said...

Thank you for posting the pictures!!! It is wonderful to be able to see the ceremony and reception. I wish I could have been there. I am so proud of you both. Betsy, you look wonderful.