Tuesday, March 22, 2011

Hot Dougs.

So guess what I’m going to blog about.


Yes, food.

I’ve heard no complaints about my recipes so far. Furthermore blogging about food is relatively therapeutic, when I am in need of that kind of thing (this is one of those times). Also, there is a person inside of me.

So I like hot dogs.  There’s a little nugget of knowledge about me that I am sure you were dying to hear. Today I really wanted to eat one. So we went to Hot Dougs, here in Chicago.

This is a pretty happenin’ joint. We had to wait in a line that went all the way outside. It was worth the wait though. They have the CRAZIEST things here. I’m talking Elk dogs, duck fat fries (only on the weekends though) and other fantastical encased meats. I got the regular Chicago dog (not so adventurous but these things are far from “regular”. They have tomatoes and onions and a whole slice of pickle! These things are loaded!). Micah got a GOAT meat dog. GOAT. MEAT. I tried a bite. Tasted like… goat. It wasn’t bad.

There’s nothing like a hot dog in the hand and cheese fries on the side.

Oh MAN that’s a lot of cheese. (Insert Homer Simpson gurgle noises…or click here and apply it to cheese fries)

Do I recommend this place? Absolutely.  Tell them I sent you. You’ll get no special treatment. Just a good hot dog.

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