Tuesday, January 31, 2012

I have an idea.

Let's cancel Today. Let's go get a slurpee at 7/11.

I barely even know what day it is. All the days feel the same this week.

We all have our moments. I guess this is one of mine. Once I get a good nights rest I am sure I will be all right again. Or even after just one hour to think. In fact, writing this post is sort of helpful. Thank goodness for nap time.

I will try not to even be apologetic about complaining a little bit to the whole world right now. I am an adult and have relatable problems. For example, I'm guessing there are other spouses of medical interns who are dealing with 75+ work hours too. And other people who had to uproot their lives to move to a new place for work. And other people who have to sacrifice time and energy for the sake of someone else, like children.

So to all of you going through those things, or are just tired like me:

I can relate.

I will never be able to get a complete picture of what a person is going through, just like they will never see mine. I will not assume another persons life is super swell compared to mine, or worse compared to mine. I'm just not going to compare. We're all just striving to stay afloat.

Last Wednesday was my birthday. Nothing really exciting happened. That is okay. I am 26 now. Micah surprised me a beautiful rug. It was very thoughtful.

Lots of people love Micah. But I am the most important one. I like that.

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Eva said...

Happy Birthday! Hang in there, slog through it. Everything ends someday, even med school and internships. We skipped internship as deliberately as we possibly could, as you know, and boy is life awesome in comparison! Sorry, dude. But it really will end. And before the time your babe is old enough to really miss her father, too!