Monday, January 9, 2012

If you can think it, you can blog it.

Pretty scary, huh?

I’ve been meaning to post about my special room.

We moved to our apartment about 7 months ago, and one of the bedrooms presented an interesting challenge. One corner of the room had a small alcove that was deep enough to be a closet but not wide enough to put a large desk. We were somewhat puzzled at first about what to do with this extra space, so I obsessed over pinterest for ideas for awhile. Eventually this is what we came up with:


^ ^ ^Can you find the baby?!IMG_5022


Micah sawed off a portion of our old desk to fit in the narrow space. I “hacked” an ikea lantern and added hanging paper cranes. We put up shelves and our nifty dry-erase calendar.

Pinterest worthy?! Perhaps. I am still working on it. So far though, I love it and I love spending time in this room.

People sometimes ask me what I do when Micah is at work. Oh, you mean besides RAISING UP A RIGHTEOUS GENERATION?!



This is my work table.


This is my new craft lathe.



Micah got it for me for Christmas. What is it?! What does it do?



Yes sir! I can make even better, more precise, and even more beautiful Pysanky! (Ukrainian Easter eggs!)

Other random things I like in this room:

A fox tail hanging from Micah’s guitar…


Cool monogram “C” my BFFFF Krischelle made… ^_^


Creepy mask Micah put on the wall?!


Sometimes I miss our apartment in Chicago. This is how we left our tiny kitchen. Such memories.



Eva said...

How funny and fun!

Krischelle said...

Hahah I was laughing forever after I saw Pippa in the corner of the first picture! you should create a "Where's Pippa?" book :D Love what you did to that one space! We have the same thing on the left side of our tv...and can't figure out what to do with it! ... Thanks for the shout out! <3

I love your craft space, too!!! I look forward to seeing your Pysanky made from your craft lathe!

Unknown said...

Is that the lovely you got at our FHE on honesty? Looks great!

Unknown said...

How did I become "unknown"? - And the complete comment is - Is that the lovely 'clock' you got at our FHE on honesty? Looks great!

Betsy Croft said...

Still don't know who you are unknown! But i'm guessing someone who was present at the FHE where we got "honesty clocks"...