Monday, April 4, 2011

Distractions, contemplations

Too many things going on.

As much as I want winter to be over, I know now that I will be facing allergy season as spring makes its debut.


(I’ve always thought the concept of a bee suffering from allergies was funny. This might not actually be the case for the Nasonex bee, but in my mind he is, and it’s hilarious.)

Still, I look forward to spring.

I feel like a lot of talks from this past General Conference focused on suffering and pain, and why it is necessary that we suffer. On my mission, I felt like it was impossible to explain to investigators why bad things happened to good people. Still it is something we all wonder and I should be grateful that the topic was addressed so aptly by the speakers participating in conference.

Micah and I have also been thinking about the whole “problem of pain” issue. I have noticed that in my own dealings with pain, it has been my first instinct to do everything I can to distract myself from pain, in any way possible. Whether it’s listening to music, or watching a movie, reading, or making something, pain has less of an effect on me if I can able to put my mind in a separate place.  Sleeping is the hardest thing to do for me when there is pain. There are no distractions. Still, the human body knows how to heal itself and once sleep is possible, it is one of the most effective pathways back to health.

So while there is no amount real pain in my life right now (besides backaches and some trouble sleeping) I know it is going to play a part of my future, and it’s helpful when I can remember that there are ways to deal with pain, and a reason behind it.

Something I’d love to distract myself with:


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