Friday, April 15, 2011




So, I realize this is probably not entirely true. But it’s funny, because I wonder why don’t more people use gmail? Do they not know how much more organized and efficient their email time can be using it? Are they afraid that the whole world will turn upside down if they change their email address, and won’t get all their Jo-Ann's coupons sent to the right place? If you are thinking, “she just doesn’t know my reasons”, you are right. I don’t. And I really don’t care what email service you use. I might just respect you a little more if you use gmail, that’s all.

Another interesting thing, is that I am pretty sure that there are way more people “following” my blog than appears on my “Followers” sidebar widget. So I won’t nag you to officially become a “follower”, but it’s a lot more motivating to write blog posts when I know there are people reading it. Wanna be my stalker? I know you are. You check my blog every day. You are a creeper.

Just. Kidding. (I hope…)

p.s. Don’t think I am a horrible person. I understand that “computer skills” are not the most important assets to possess.  Just another one of those generational rifts.

p.p.s. Here is another cartoon from the oatmeal that might explain why I’m not all too excited about moving to the land of microsoft and starbucks:


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Lili said...

That's pretty funny. How about I leave an occasional comment, then you'll know I'm still checking in?

I feel for you on the Seattle thing--Andy LOVES it, and while I like it, I've lived in rainy countries, and it totally gets to me. I like sun, too. I was going to tell you that Patrick bought Suzy a sunrise simulator alarm clock last year. It wasn't cheap, but she's done better this winter than ever before... it might be worth looking into!