Friday, April 29, 2011

TITLE FOR A BLOG POST? I got nothin.

Micah left to look for a place to live in Seattle today.  It’s funny how I just realized that I have never lived anywhere that has had more than 3 bedrooms my entire life. And I am 5th of 7 children. So many people probably would have felt that was too much for one house. Or one car even. (Sometimes, no car…)

Now we are looking for a place that can “fit” three people, and I feel kind of silly. Sure sometimes I need my space, and kids do too, but when you have a place all to yourself, does it have to be THAT big!? Nowadays a “big” family is like, 4 or 5 kids. (Maybe even 3). What’s the deal? I guess a lot of people want their kids to have their own rooms too. Which is fine, but I also wonder what’s wrong with sharing a room when you’re growing up.

I think the only nice thing about a spare room is to have it open for guests. I never want to think “oh it will be nice for extra storage.” Storage for what? More stuff? BLAGH!

There are only really two things I like having a lot of (that I can think of now) – books and art. But I suppose anything can become too much.

And, I suppose I will be happy if we find a place with a washer and dryer.

And lots of windows. *Sigh*


Eva said...

Exciting! Some kids share rooms great. Mine don't. They wake each other up all the time. So, on to 4 bedrooms we go!

Lily said...

I totally agree about the stuff part. UGH to stuff! And Abe's old roommate opened me to the possibility that it's possible to have too many books. He periodically sorted through his AMAZING book collection and gave things away. I was so persuaded by his no-stuff mindset that I have started to use as a replacement collecting books. It really makes a difference in a move! Also, good luck in your move! I love your wish list. It is so refreshing. =)

m said...

As for the books, I do have science on my side!!! haha!

Shauna said...

Loved the article, m. I posted it on FB. It makes me feel so much better about the boxes and boxes of books we moved.