Wednesday, April 20, 2011


I only got to spend one Easter in Ukraine, but it was glorious. Easter Sunday, I remember riding the bus to church and seeing people on the streets walking to church with baskets full of goodies. I also remember visiting with an investigator (someone interested in learning about the church) and watching her make homemade Paska. Paska (also see this wikipedia article) is a super traditional food that is only served at Easter. They don’t call it Paska “bread” or “cake” because it is like a special thing on its own. The closest thing I can relate it to, taste-wise, is Jewish Challah. But it’s pretty distinct, especially when raisins or other dried fruit is added. Also, Ukrainians often make it with a sugary egg white frosting on top, with multi-colored sprinkles. Kinda kitschy, eh? Also pretty charming. Here is what you might see at a Ukrainian supermarket:


(We plan on making some this Easter, like last year, except not using a recipe that feeds a million people…)


I miss Ukraine.


A picture drawn for me at church by Masha. Not bad for a 10 year old, eh? She tried spelling my name three times.

P.S. – I’ve been meaning to post this video – Both of the girls featured (Katya and Ivanka) were in the ward I served in for a large portion of my mission, and great friends of mine. The young women’s president was my neighbor and second mother on my mission. You can see the street and the church building, my home for almost my entire mission.

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