Saturday, November 26, 2011

It is already the 26th.


Thanksgiving was so delicious. Micah made Alton Brown's turkey recipe. It is absolutely the best turkey we have ever tasted. So far we've been having turkey every day for dinner and we've eaten about 1/4 of the 18 pound turkey we got.

So I guess I am thankful I could keep it all down.

Yesterday we were super busy doing what Americans do best - consuming goods in the name of Christmas. But! We are just doing our part to help the economy.

And today we got to trim our first Christmas tree! Hooray!

Today I am asking a favor of you. I would like to send you, dear reader, a Christmas postcard (you know, the kind though the mail) and I need your address. Don't be shy! I won't tell anyone! You can send it to my e- mail at . Even if you think I have it, send it to me anyways.

I am thankful for my faithful readers that keep me blogging! Let me know you're out there!

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