Sunday, November 13, 2011

Novembler thirteen

Today is Sunday.

It was a good Sunday.

I am grateful for Sundays.

Church, a visit from home teachers, a nap, music on our penny whistles, hot chocolate, corned beef and cabbage, a movie about c.s. Lewis, rice crispy treats, and now we are off to sleep. A perfect Sunday, no?

We live in what I am sure is one of the greatest wards in the planet. Genuine, thoughtful, intelligent, caring people.

Yes, I am most grateful for Sundays.


Eva said...

Nice! What are your callings? We're both in Primary. I love it but I don't know many people. I'm sure you understand that!

Betsy said...

We are ward missionaries! It's the best calling ever. We have been loving it. Primary is always great though.